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Need to fill medical vacancies in Australia or New Zealand right now? Just contact us.

With our deep understanding of the New Zealand and Australian healthcare sectors, IHR Group can find the high calibre doctors, nurses, midwives and nurse managers who will fit your vacancies perfectly. With our 99% placement success rate, we have a long track record of finding just the right people to fill healthcare jobs in Australia and New Zealand.

We take all the hassles out of the recruitment process for you and, while taking the time to listen to your exact specifications, we guarantee that we can speedily provide you with highly suitable, top quality candidates.

We’re happy to take on the chores and costs associated with recruitment – placing and paying for ads, making phone calls, working through piles of CVs, shortlisting candidates, interviewing, reference checking, dealing with candidates’ questions, negotiating salaries and bonuses: we do it all.

With over ten years’ experience in the complex and constantly changing field of medical recruitment in Australia, New Zealand and worldwide, we’re perfectly placed to advise you on the available talents and suggest the most suitable medical professionals for your organisation.






Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost us?

We perform all the tasks connected with recruitment for free. You won’t pay a cent until we find you a talent you’re 100% happy with. All the costs are then clearly stated on the contracts we sign with your organisation. There are no hidden or extra charges, and our fees are extremely competitive.

What if the person you place with us doesn’t work out?

With our 99% placement success rate and years of experience in medical recruitment in Australia and New Zealand, it is almost a certainty that we will find just the right candidate to fill your vacancy. However, in the extremely rare cases where a candidate doesn’t work out, we will be happy to give you a refund if notified during the early months of the contract. Alternatively, we could swiftly supply you with another talent to fill the position free of charge.

We have our own Human Resources staff so why do we need your services?

You may have highly competent HR staff, but we can still help if your team is snowed under with applications, short of time or unable to find a talent for a certain role. Perhaps your organisation is expanding and your HR department needs a little extra help to ensure every vacancy is filled with the right person. We are experienced at liaising effectively with in-house HR teams.

How do you select candidates?

We examine the CVs of candidates carefully to ensure they have the right skill sets, qualifications, characteristics and experience to succeed in the position on offer. We then follow this up with a rigorous interview (see below). By doing this, our consultants – with their extensive experience and deep knowledge of the New Zealand and Australian medical sectors – make sure the candidate is a close fit to your requirements before you spend your time talking to them.

How do you go about interviewing candidates?

We conduct in-depth interviews with all candidates to make sure that they have the skills, knowledge, experience, work ethic and personal attributes needed for your organisation. We interview each candidate, usually by telephone, for about an hour though this may vary slightly depending on the role. When we feel a candidate is suitable for the position, we will liaise with you and the talent so you can arrange a brief final interview. This is so you can make sure you are completely happy with the person we’ve suggested or so you can make a choice from a shortlist of several candidates we’ve compiled.

What information should we provide to help you find a talent?

Our expert recruitment consultants know what to look for to ensure we find the best person for each vacancy. Having said that, we will have a brief telephone conversation with you so that we fully understand both the precise responsibilities and the ‘selling points’ of each position. This will enable us to attract the best talents and help us make clear to the candidates the exact duties involved in each role.

How can I make the most of your recruitment consultants?

Our consultants are deeply knowledgeable about all aspects of the medical recruitment process and are always on hand to advise you. Please feel free to ask any questions, express any doubts or ask for clarifications. We can advise you on suitable salary levels, the best ways to meet your requirements, and trends and changes in the market. If your needs or requirements change, please inform us as soon as possible. Frequent, open and honest communication is likely to achieve the best results.

You say you handle all aspects of the recruitment process. What exactly does this mean?

IHR Group will:

  • Prepare, place and pay for all advertisements
  • Examine the candidates’ CVs and interview all suitable candidates in a thorough manner
  • Compile shortlists of candidates
  • Liaise with you and the candidates to organise the final interviews
  • Prepare candidates for their interviews to help them showcase their skills and experience so you can make the best choice
  • Inform unsuccessful candidates after the interviews
  • Arrange subsequent rounds of interviews if you should require them
  • Check references
  • Advise candidates, when necessary, about visas, immigration requirements, skills assessments and registration requirements with the Australian or New Zealand authorities
  • Advise candidates on practical aspects of life and working culture in Australia and New Zealand
  • Conduct salary and bonus negotiations
  • Advise you on salary structures with regards to market trends
  • Prepare offer letters, if required, and arrange start dates

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any further questions. We are always happy to help.

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