When we start out in our career and chosen career path, do we choose it because it’s something we’re truly passionate about, or because of the thought of a high salary when we eventually complete our training? It’s a hard question and one which affects all of us in different ways.


What exactly are introverts and extroverts? What strengths and weaknesses do they display in the workplace and which personality type is more likely to meet the demanding requirements of today’s healthcare jobs?

A new report highlights the significant contribution private hospitals across Australia make towards training and educating the healthcare workforce and suggests there is capacity for them to do much more.

You’re an excellent hospital, clinic or healthcare business and you know it’s vital to be able to recruit medical staff with the right experience, qualifications, skills and personal characteristics.


You’ve got plenty of experience as a doctor or nurse and an impressive-looking CV. Perhaps you’ve thought of moving into a healthcare management job, but are not sure if such a change would be right for you.

You’re eager to get that doctor’s job in New Zealand or that nursing job in Australia you recently saw advertised. You’ve discussed it with your recruitment consultant, spent hours on your CV, leapt through all the hoops – and now it’s time for the telephone interview.


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